New Thinking on Infant Development

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New Thinking on Infant Development

By Anita Sethi, Ph.d.

The following information sheds new light on some recent research with infant development; it gives details about each of the following topic areas below.  Go to,0 to read the article!

Emotional Growth
Old thinking: It’s important to talk to your baby in the first few months.

New thinking: It’s not just what you say now, but how you say it.

Complex Thoughts:

Old thinking: Children don’t start to have complex thoughts until the preschool years.

New thinking: High-level comprehension may begin as early as 3 months.
Gender Differences

Old thinking: Boys and girls are similar at birth; their differences emerge as they grow.

New thinking: Although social forces play a role, boys and girls seem to be hardwired differently.

Object Permanence

Old thinking: The awareness that something exists even when it’s out of sight shows up at 8 months.

New thinking: Babies can comprehend object permanence much earlier.


Old thinking: Young babies are only able to recognize the voices of close family members.

New thinking: At 3 months, your baby can start to match a wide range of voices with faces

Memory and Recall

Old thinking: If your baby doesn’t perform a trick (like clapping), he’s forgotten how to do it.

New thinking: Babies know more than they reveal.

Skill Building
Old thinking: Mastering a skill takes a long time.

New thinking: It can take a really long time.

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